1. Prerequisites of and conclusion of the guarantee contract:

    The offer extended by SEVERIN Elektrogeräte GmbH (hereinafter also referred to as "we") relating to the conclusion of the guarantee contract shall apply (i) exclusively to products of the models KA 9475, PG 9710, KA 9476, WK 9477, HM 9478, SM 9479, MW 7892, MW 7893, MW 7894, PG 9745.142, CM 9469, FO 9468, RG 9474, MY 7116.142, MY 7116.683, SC 7172.142 and BC 7046.142 (hereinafter referred to as "anniversary products") and not to products designated "second choice" (so-called "B goods"), and (ii) shall apply only until 30.06.2019.

    A guarantee contract may only be concluded in the event of a complete registration, indicat-ing, in particular, the buyer and the product, at, this within 3 months of the purchase of the anniversary products, and shall apply exclusively to the anni-versary product specified during the registration process. You will subsequently receive a confirmation e-mail ("guarantee certificate"), which reproduces the contractual content, in-cluding the guarantee conditions.

  2. Guarantee coverage

    SEVERIN Elektrogeräte GmbH guarantees that the anniversary product shall remain free of material and processing defects within the guarantee period. The guarantee period shall comprise a period of 3 years after expiry of the legal guarantee rights to which you are enti-tled vis-à-vis the seller. The legal guarantee rights vis-à-vis your seller usually end 2 years after you have taken delivery of the anniversary product. In the event that the legal guaran-tee comprises less or more than 2 years in individual cases, the guarantee extended by SEVERIN Elektrogeräte GmbH shall commence upon the expiry of the abbreviated or ex-tended legal guarantee period. It follows that you shall only be entitled to coverage on the basis of this guarantee after the expiry of your legal guarantee rights. Your contractual or legal rights vis-à-vis your seller shall not be affected by this guar-antee.

  3. Scope of the guarantee

    In the event that a material or processing defect affecting the anniversary product or parts thereof becomes apparent during the guarantee period, we shall remedy this defect free of charge by repair or substitute delivery, this at our own discretion. Other claims against us, particularly related to damages, shall be excluded.

    Claims on the basis of this guarantee may not be made in relation to or in the event of:

    1. damages which can be ascribed to a breach of the instructions for use, improper han-dling or normal wear and tear,
    2. defects which do not substantially impair the function of the anniversary product,
    3. fragile parts such as glass, synthetics or light bulbs,
    4. for grill plate, stone plate and raclette pans from RG 9474,
    5. promotional give-away items (muffin tins, tea sieve, thermos cups etc.)
    6. interventions by individuals or companies not authorised by SEVERIN as regards the guarantee claim;
    7. belated assertion. A belated assertion shall occur in the event that you fail to assert claims within a year of awareness, or the reasonable possibility of awareness of the existence of material and/or processing defects in accordance with section 4.

    The provision of guarantee coverage shall not result in an extension of the guarantee period.

  4. Assertion of the guarantee

    Claims arising from this guarantee require you to contact our customer service hotline before returning the device. When calling the hotline, please ensure you have the following information to hand:

    • Name and full address
    • Model + article number
    • Proof of purchase with date of purchase
    • Name of the retailer.

    We will subsequently send you a returns sticker, with which you can return the anniversary product to the office specified by our customer service team free of charge. In order to make a claim under the guarantee, you will require the proof of purchase (invoice, receipt) which states the date of purchase, the model description and/or article number of the device and the guarantee certificate.

  5. Miscellaneous

    Rights arising from this guarantee may not be transferred. The guarantee shall end upon re-sale.

    The guarantee contract shall be subject to German federal law, this with the exception of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods – CISG. The statutory provisions to limit the choice of law shall, however, remain unaffected. In particular, you shall, notwithstanding the choice of law and in accordance with Art. 6 para. 2 of the regulation (EC) no. 593/2008 (the so-called "Rome I Regulation"), enjoy the mandatory protection of the law which would apply without said choice of law, this according to sentence 1 of the aforementioned regulation.

  6. Other important customer information

    Technical steps leading to the conclusion of the contract; Correction of input errors
    With full registration at in accordance with section 1 of the guarantee conditions, the guarantee contract is concluded. The registration mask is designed in such a way that you can recognize and correct input errors at any time until the "Send" button is pressed. The successful conclusion of the guarantee agreement will be confirmed by e-mail to the e-mail ad-dress you have provided, which reflects the contract content, including the warranty conditions.

    Storage of the contract text and accessibility for the customer
    The guarantee contract is stored by Severin and can be requested by e-mail via

    Contract language
    The final contract is in English.

    Code of Conduct to which Severin has submitted
    Severin has been subject to the Code of Conduct of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initia-tive). This can be accessed on the Internet at

    Consumer dispute resolution
    SEVERIN does not participate at the consumer dispute resolution before an arbitration board